Renters have relatively unrestricted control of their servers and webspace, but there are limits to what we can allow on our end to maintain fairness to all and keep prices low.

Those Terms of Service are listed below. This list is subject to change, so renters should check it frequently. Any violation of the Terms of Service will generate a warning and mandatory removal of the offending material (by either Minecraft4u employees or voluntarily by the renter) on the first offense, a temporary disabling of the server on the second offense, and a cancellation of service on the third offense. For violations that cause significant monetary damage to Minecraft4u, the renter may have his or her server disabled on the first offense. For items to which those actions do not apply, such as server cancellations, the response will be detailed below.

It is possible to have some of these rules waived by requesting (and being granted) permission from a respondent at the email address. If you are requesting an exception, make sure to include a good reason for why you feel you should be treated differently.

It is the responsibility of the person signing up to have the payer of the server read and agree to this document, if a different person will be paying. He or she must also ensure that any secondary users granted access to the service have read and agreed to these terms. By signing up and using our service, you are agreeing to all terms and conditions conveyed by this document.
Funds must clear before any services will be rendered. If you pay by e-check (or some other form of non-instant payment), it is up to the discretion of Minecraft4u staff whether services will be rendered prior to payment clearing.

This section applies to all services offered by Minecraft4u (called "servers" below) . In each case, the singular term "server" applies to one identifier and type of server at once (the type depending on the context), but never multiple types (for example a game server and the webserver) at the same time. A server may not:

+ Run a "sub-service" from the server that allows connections to a different IP address on the machine or to a different port on the server's IP address, or which piggybacks on a provided server port to provide "back door" abilities to control the server that are not already included with the server as provided by Minecraft4u
+ Read or alter any files outside the renter's server directory (the contents of which are represented either in the FTP site of the server or, if that is not provided, in the server's control panel), with the exception of those files needed by the base server itself as provided by Minecraft4u
+ Initiate connections to external IP addresses (outside of the server machine), to include pinging another address or connecting to an external database or client, other than according to the functionality included in the base server, without prior permission from a respondent at the email address
+ Attempt to escalate user rights beyond those given to the server when it was initially set up by Minecraft4u
+ Attempt to raise the maximum number of concurrent connections allowed for the server without prior permission from a respondent at the email address
+ Advertise for a competitor of Minecraft4u or denigrate Minecraft4u services
+ Cause us to violate a contractual obligation, such as the EULA associated with a game server

Game Servers

We run our servers at the highest FPS possible on our system for each specified game. We have no warranty expressed or implied that your server will run constantly at any specific FPS value. Setup time is usually immediate however there may be instances where setup takes up to 24 hours.

Additionally, game servers may not:

+ Run any sort of bot or artificial player
+ Run a "ping booster", "ping accelerator" or other such utility which enables the multimedia timer on the server machine, as these can cause significantly increased latencies and load times for all servers on the machine and disrupt additional services. We already run a Ping Booster and FPS Booster standard for all clients.
+ Use more than three gigabytes of RAMDisk space total (Gold level packages and above have larger limits. Please check with us for your specific package.)
+ Run a custom server jar file unless it is on a Brick level package or above. This is due to security and resource usage.
+ Be provisioned a dedicated IP unless the account's subscription is active and the package is Iron or higher. For game servers, a dedicated IP simply means you are provided access to the default port.
+ Use in a manner that unfairly, as determined by the sole discretion of Minecraft4u, encumbers any system beyond those provided to you as part of the service you purchased.

Note* Player slot limits are caps, not the actual amount of players you will be able to comfortably support. The actual amount of players you can support depends on the resources your plugins consume, the amount of plugins and routing to the server. We do not guarantee any certain amount of players will be able to connect without decreased performance at some point.

Virtual Dedicated Servers and Dedicated Machines

Clients of Virtual Dedicated Servers (also known as "VDS", "VPS", "virtual machines", and "virtual servers") and dedicated machines (also known as "dedicated servers" and "machines") may not:

+ Send any spam (also known as "unsolicited bulk email"). We have a zero-tolerance policy towards spam and immediately shut down any account that used to send spam.
+ Initiate connections to external IP addresses (outside of the server machine) without the permission of the owner of the external IP, to include pinging another address or connecting to an external database or webserver.

Setup Time

We typically aim to deploy servers within 2-10 business days, however some server configurations (custom setups, hardware availability) may take up to 60 calendar days to deploy. If your order is projected to take longer than our average deployment time you will be contacted; we strive to always deploy your server as soon as possible. No refund will be provided for servers that are cancelled while waiting for deployment.

Operating System Installation

Loading of the operating systems listed on the order form in the default configuration will be completed free of charge before deploying your server. Other operating systems may be requested but it is not guaranteed that we will be able to install them.


Absolutely no software support is provided for “unmanaged” server customers, however unmanaged clients can certainly submit support requests relating to replacing failed hardware. Our unmanaged products are intended for expert system administrators, or those who have their own system administrators already employed. Unmanaged customers facing hardware outages will be dealt with on a “best effort” basis during business hours. Any support request not covered by an existing contract will be billed at $35/hour.


We do not keep data backups for game servers, VPSes, or dedicated servers and can not provide compensation in the case of lost data. There is always a possibility for data loss, even with RAID configurations, so it is necessary for the customer to make his or her own backups of important files.

Payment Charge Backs & Billing Disputes

Raising a billing dispute with our payment processors or charging back a payment made to us will place your account in bad standing. We reserve the right to immediately suspend or terminate all services without refund for accounts in bad standing. Termination of services does not remove payment obligations, and court or collections processes may begin to recover funds owed to Perfection Servers LLC.


Service cancellations must be made as outlined below. If a service is not cancelled in the applicable manner, a customer's funding source may be automatically charged for continuation of the service.

1. E-mail or use the cancellation form in the billing panel to inform us of your cancellation and the reason for cancellation. Include in your email whether you wish for the server to remain online through your paid time. Make sure to include your reason for canceling as it's often the only time we get feedback. Surprisingly often, renters will cancel over lag problems, or configuration problems that it turned out could have been easily solved -- or a renter will think there is a better deal somewhere else and come back to us a month later.

2. Cancel in Paypal by finding the active subscription, then clicking on its "Details" and choosing "Cancel" at the bottom of the resulting page. If you're having difficulty doing this, you can find an alternate cancellation method in the Paypal help system. It is the customer's responsibility to cancel their Paypal subscription.

You must perform both steps.

If you do not perform step #2, Paypal may charge you for another month of server rental, which cannot be refunded. If you do not perform step #1, your server may be shut down automatically by our system, depending on your payment status.

Refund Policy

There are absolutely no refunds for any of our services unless we cancel a server forcibly (against a renter's wishes). We will then provide a prorated refund to cover the remaining prepaid days. We do however issue account credits for downtime lasting longer than 1 hour, provided that you notify us by email with an explanation of any technical issue you experienced that was caused by us. It is the responsibility of the customer to provide evidence (logs, screenshots, etc.) of such issue. We do not provide refunds/credits for non-subscription or discounted services. We also do not provide refunds for user errors, user incompetence, simply not needing the service anymore, network attacks (DDoS) or "lag". These policies are in place to prevent fraud and help keep prices low. Please research our service and contact us with questions before making a purchase decision. All refunds are subject to withholding of payment processor fees.
We collect the first name, last name, email address, physical address, and phone number from our subscribers in order to uniquely identify each person in our database. We do not share this information with any third party with the exception of our payment processor.

Paypal may also directly request further information from each subscriber for billing purposes, such as a physical address and credit card information (or other payment method information). Paypal is governed by its own privacy policy that each renter should read when signing up for the subscription at the Paypal website and before entering any private information into a Paypal webpage.

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